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Creating Luxury Spaces for Spring Guests

We love spring in Southern Arizona. The weather and scenery are picture-perfect and local events are plentiful. It’s when friends and family drop hints about visiting, and we welcome the opportunity to introduce them to the remarkable life we’ve created at Dove Mountain — a community known for exceptional golf living and modern luxury foothills homes.

Putting on the Ritz

It’s not difficult to turn a guest room into a comfortable and upscale-feeling place to relax. A room with a view of the garden, golf course or desert landscape is always a plus. You may even want to consider turning the master suite into a temporary guest room, since it is sure to have an ensuite bathroom, so guests do not have to wander the halls in their PJs. The added privacy is always appreciated.

Creature comforts

Of course, a comfortable mattress, crisp, high-thread-count sheets and a beautiful comforter or duvet cover elevate the guest experience. Fine resorts even iron the sheets and spray them with subtly scented linen water. At a minimum, you can never go wrong with white cotton sheets and bed coverings in neutral desert-inspired hues. Then, use throw pillows to introduce a pop of color. Take a look at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain “Fireside Mountain View” room for inspiration. It’s a great example of simple elegance.

The little things that make a big difference

Flowers on the bedside table — Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? It’s best to select flowers or a potted plant that will look great for the duration of the visit. A hardy Kalanchoe plant, available at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, is a great choice. It comes in vibrant colors and can be transplanted outdoors, where it will bloom continuously.

A coffee maker with great coffee — How nice it is to provide your guests with that first cup of coffee. And it’s truly a luxury to enjoy it in bed. Just provide a small, nonobtrusive coffee maker in a convenient location with a selection of K-cups, sugar packets and creamer.

A fresh pastry basket — Take it up a big notch with a pastry basket. All you need is a cake plate and dome to keep bakery items fresh overnight. If you really want to impress your guests, Tucson’s Prep & Pastry has incredible brioche cream-filled donuts and specialty croissants, but you’ll need to call ahead to order them. Prep and Pastry is also a fantastic place to treat guests to brunch!

Other designer tips

  • Strive for simplicity. Less is always more in all modern luxury homes. Rooms with carefully selected and well-coordinated décor are more relaxing and inviting. You can always store knickknacks and family photos away for a couple of days.
  • Natural materials are an upscale choice. Burlap lamp shades, linen drapes, rattan trays, jute rugs and clay bowls, for example, introduce beautiful textures and neutral tones into a room.
  • Layer your lighting. To make your guest room feel like a sanctuary, avoid harsh LED lighting. Instead, opt for “warm” bulbs that emit flattering, natural hues. A main overhead light with a dimmer allows you to create a relaxing mood in the room, as do bedside accent lighting with soft golden incandescent bulbs.

We hope residents have a great time entertaining friends and family at Dove Mountain this spring!

About Dove Mountain

The Dove Mountain community features modern luxury homes tucked into gorgeous desert landscapes, including Tortolita foothills homes with sweeping canyon and mountain views. Perhaps our most popular offerings are golf course homes located on or footsteps from three stunning golf courses.

To learn more about all that the Dove Mountain community has to offer, including custom homes, homesites and current and upcoming listings, contact Dove Mountain Properties toll-free at 888-603-7600 or contact us.

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