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Dove Mountain fire station

Check out the shiny new Dove Mountain fire station

The crew has been warmly welcomed by the residents, as well as local veterans who’ve shared stories of inspiration about their acts of bravery.

“Our crews love working in the Dove Mountain community and appreciate our new upgraded station,” said Captain Kyle Williams. “We are surrounded by wonderful neighbors who we are fortunate to serve.”

New location. Faster emergency services. New equipment.

With the considerable housing growth and world-class destination amenities like The Ritz-Carlton Resort, the new location is providing faster access to all parts of the community — and improved response times lead to better outcomes and saved lives.

In addition to a brand-new facility, Station 337 has added two fire vehicles for highly specific tasks including a brush truck to aid with brush fires and reaching steep and treacherous locations; and a light squad truck equipped with special gear for hiker rescues and technical equipment for tactical rescue situations.

Since moving into the station, the crew members have responded to two hiker rescues. These rescues are sometimes in hazardous conditions and the crew can respond quickly to render aid.

Dove Mountain firefighters
From left to right: Engineer Brent Mobbley, Engineer Chis Neely, Firefighter Jordan Yankovich, Captain Kyle Williams, Battalion Chief Dave Resnick


Many station crew members call Dove Mountain home.

Many of the crew and their families, as well as Northwest district retirees, live in the Dove Mountain community. It shows Northwest’s commitment to the community where they live, work and serve.

On any given day four crew members live at the station. Three shifts of four crew members rotate during 24-hour shifts. Additional crew members are added if needed, plus the facility was specifically designed for expansion as necessary.

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