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550 Reasons You’ll Love Birding in Arizona

During our mild and sunny winters, birding is extremely popular at Dove Mountain. It gets us outdoors, it’s relaxing and it’s a great way to refresh our spirits. More than that, birds are simply fascinating to observe as they communicate, compete, feed and flirt with each other.

Grab your bird guide, binoculars and camera.

Wildlife, Family Fun

Arizona has more bird species than any other state without an ocean coastline. In and around Dove Mountain and right in our own backyards we find some stunning birds, including a variety of jewel-toned hummingbirds, bright red Vermilion Flycatchers, feather-topped Gambel’s Quail, elegant glossy blank Phainopepla, and the small yellow-capped Verdin, to name only a few.

Check out nearby birding destinations.

Beyond our backyards are wonderful nearby spots for birding including Dove Mountain’s 50 miles of Tortolita Mountain trails within the Dove Mountain natural preserve and Arizona Land Trust, Catalina State Park, Tohono Chul’s botanical gardens, Sabino Canyon and the Sweetwater Wetlands.

Meet the Tucson Audubon Society.

Wildlife, Family FunWe are fortunate to have Tucson Audubon Society headquarters just minutes away from Dove Mountain. Tucson Audubon presently offers socially distanced events including Zoom-based birding classes offering identification tips. The organization also has an online gift shop with birding supplies, books and themed merchandise. Best of all, Tucson Audubon and its members create and restore habitats, monitor bird populations, lend expertise to conservation issues, engage youth in inspiring wildlife programs and keep us informed through their publications.

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