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2021 Luxury Home Technology Trends

4 Top Luxury Home Tech Trends in 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has, among other things, reinforced the importance of family, friends and quality of life, as well as significantly impacting how we communicate with others and how we interact with our surroundings. These sentiments and others are driving luxury home buyers to seek homes surrounded by natural beauty and that integrate technology to make healthy living and social distancing easy to manage. Here are just a few “must haves” this year.

The “Zoom” room.

Luxury Home Technology Trends, HomesIt’s reassuring to know that there are many online platforms available to stay connected with our families, friends, schools and employers. It means we can live anywhere there’s a high-speed internet connection. That fact is driving a trend toward “Zoom rooms.” Think of it as a dream video-conferencing office away from distractions. It is hardwired to high-speed internet and features camera-ready lighting, attractive backdrops, broadcast-quality audio, a dedicated webcam and more.

Deluxe air filtration systems.

Full-featured air filtration systems, understandably, are important to luxury home buyers. These systems are designed to continuously filter and recirculate air, eliminate germs, and monitor indoor and outdoor air toxicity levels. In addition to cleaning the air, high-end air filtration systems make a living space feel fresh and livable. These days as we find ourselves spending more time at home, fresh, germ-free air is now considered a necessity.

Smart home technology.

Luxury Home Technology Trends, HomesAnother must-have for luxury homes in 2021 is smart home technology that allows homeowners to monitor and manage systems inside and outside the house using network-connected systems, appliances and equipment that can be automated and controlled remotely. Homeowners can use a smart phone to make sure doors are locked, curtains are closed, security systems are activated, or to control the thermostat, appliances, sprinklers, lights and more from any place in the world connected to Wi-Fi.

Home gyms.

Luxury Home Technology Trends, HomesGiven the need for sheltering in place, home gyms remain popular. Gyms can be fully equipped with built in speakers, web-enabled TVs, modern workout equipment and possibly an indoor lap pool. With home workouts available via fitness apps and YouTube videos, it’s simply becoming more fun to stay healthy and fit at home. Today’s luxury homeowners prefer gyms that incorporate colors and materials used throughout the home and ample-energizing natural light.

Some things never change.

It’s no surprise that location still remains the crown jewel of home ownership. Luxury home buyers seek expansive views that integrate seamlessly into inspiring natural settings like the Sonoran Desert.

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