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Top 4 Reasons We Love Our Dog Parks

Dove Mountain has three beautiful dog parks and each feature TWO enclosed play areas appropriate for either small or large dogs. The newest dog park just opened at Dove Mountain West Park with others located at Dove Mountain Park and Preserve Park.

Here are the top reasons residents love their Dove Mountain community dog parks:

#1: The dog parks are designed with pets and people in mind.

The dog parks in Dove Mountain are professionally designed, landscaped and maintained to provide spacious, safe and beautiful places where dogs and their owners can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, exercise and Sonoran Desert scenery.

On any given day at the parks, you’ll see dogs playing fetch and frisbee or receiving obedience and socialization lessons, while others are chasing each other around or exploring the sights and smells of the park.

And while the dogs are engaged in activities, you’ll see owners sitting in the shade texting friends or just taking in the amazing scenery.

The Dove Mountain dog parks feature:

  • Secure fencing and gates.
  • A “holding pen” at the entrance to prevent dogs from slipping out of the park.
  • Clean-up stations where you can rinse your dog before returning home.
  • Pooper scoopers, waste bags and designated dog waste receptacles.
  • Trash cans.
  • Water fountains.
  • Water dishes and fresh water.
  • Groomed lawns, shrubs and shade trees.
  • Benches.
  • Mountain and foothill views.
  • Exterior pathways connecting to all neighborhoods.

#2: The dog parks and surrounding areas are maintained regularly.

Not only are the dog parks professionally maintained for safety and cleanliness, but surrounding trails, ramadas, barbeque pits, picnic tables, bathrooms, sports courts, play fields and playground equipment are also looked after daily.

And if someone does “forget” to pick up after their dog, latch the fence, pick up their trash, etc., community members are not shy about asking others to be courteous and follow the rules. So every day you can look forward to visiting your favorite parks knowing they will be in tip-top shape.

#3: Dog owners and their dogs are an interesting bunch!

At the park you are sure to see interesting people who’ve moved to southern Arizona for its amazing climate, culture and active lifestyle. And with these owners come some incredible dogs. You’ll see everything from pound puppies to dogs with Westminster champion bloodlines and everything in between.

#4. Dog parks help dogs and their owners lead active lives.

Like our fur-ball buddies, we all gain the benefit of living more active lives. Dog parks provide an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. From dawn until well after dusk there are other activities to enjoy in Dove Mountain with your dog in tow. There are miles of walking and jogging paths winding through neighborhoods and connecting to dog friendly establishments, and Dove Mountain borders the spectacular Tortolita Preserve and Tortolita Mountain Park with more than 50 miles of dog-friendly hiking trails.

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