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Residents of Dove Mountain come from Arizona, across the country and around the globe. One of the major attractions is the serenity and beauty of the Sonoran Desert with its towering saguaros, rugged mountain ranges, vast diversity of plants and wildlife, and other-worldly sunsets and starry skies.

An ecosystem like no other

Did you know that the Sonoran Desert is thought to have the greatest species diversity of any desert in North America? It’s true. It’s home to 60 species of mammals, more than 350 bird species, 20 amphibians, and upwards of 100 reptiles. Moreover, there are 2,000+ species of plants, rivaling almost any other region on the planet.

The Sonoran Desert is also the only natural habitat for the majestic saguaro cactus that can grow 70 feet tall and live to be 150 years old. Saguaros also have beautiful flowers that bloom in the moonlight and are pollinated by bats. Perhaps best of all, saguaros produce a sweet fruit called prickly pear, whose syrup is enjoyed in local dishes, desserts and cocktails.

The Tortolita Preserve

Dove Mountain residents are fortunate to be mere footsteps from the 2,400-acre Tortolita Preserve. It’s a place to experience the natural wonders of the desert on more than 50 miles of mountain trails on foot, bike or horseback. The preserve boasts native plants like cacti, succulents, flowering shrubs and trees, and an abundance of desert dwellers like hummingbirds, doves, pygmy owls, quail, roadrunner, lizards, coyote, deer, jackrabbits, grey fox, bobcats, javelina, desert tortoise and even a herd of wild horses. Along the trails are also historic remnants of ranch structures and ancient Native American petroglyphs.

The patio — desert therapy

The desert landscape, with its remarkable colors, textures, sounds and scents, is where Dove Mountain residents disconnect from everyday stressors and rediscover the rejuvenating power of nature.

Central to our desert lifestyle are our scenic patios. They are the perfect place to enjoy a sunrise while sipping a warm cup of coffee, watch hummingbirds dart from scented blooms, listen as the wind rustles the scrub brush, and see the horizon glow as the sun sets behind the Tucson Mountains.

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