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A Community of Cherished Friends

What could be better than creating a community of friends in a place as stunning as Dove Mountain? For one couple from Chicago, this is a dream that is now coming true.

In October 2020, Curt and Nicole Mann invited Steve Dimakos and his wife Kristin to visit Dove Mountain. It was a welcome getaway from Chicago’s chilly autumn weather. Curt and Nicole wanted to share their desert home and amazing surroundings with their close friends. It’s a cherished friendship that started as a milestone birthday surprise for Curt when Steve helped Nicole secure a pristine ’08 Porsche Cayman. The car remains a fixture in their friendship.

An inspired setting

While visiting the Manns, Steve and Kristin fell in love with the Sonoran Desert foothills. Kristin is originally from Utah, so being surrounded by mountains again was the perfect segue from the flat lands of Chicago. And for Steve, the mountain splendor reminds him of Greece, where he has deep roots.

They enjoyed all the outdoor activities the area has to offer. They hiked the Tortolitas, went for long drives and marveled at the incredible sunsets — always ending the day just in time to be in the perfect position at the Manns’ firepit.

They couldn’t wait to return to Dove Mountain for more adventures, so much so that, with Curt and Nicole’s encouragement, they decided to build a home in Canyon Pass.

A desire to share

Then came the fun part. Steve and Kristin began reaching out to other close friends back in Chicago, sharing the news of an amazing place called Dove Mountain. Their friends responded, visited, and, to date, four couples have also made plans to become Dove Mountain residents!

What could be better than creating a community of friends in a place as stunning as Dove Mountain with its Ritz-Carlton amenities, world-class golf course, 50-plus miles of trails weaving through over 2,000 acres of preserved Tortolita Mountain wildlands, all minutes from downtown Tucson and an international airport?

Making it happen

Today, the Dimakos are nearing completion on their home and are looking forward to their future in Dove Mountain. They are surrounded with sweeping mountain views and, even better, the best of friends to share the experience with them. Who’s next?


Congratulations to all the friends and family who have discovered Dove Mountain since 2020 and launched a new era of camaraderie, adventures and memories!

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